zazza-marketing is an online fashion store that serves and sells the United States, Mexico, and Spain.

Badrostechies was trusted with the marketing for Dresses and women’s fashion wears for conversions. We understood that the problem Zazza was facing is inadequate customers and sales.

We came up with a strategy to solve this issue.

Campaign Creation

To begin with, we created a targeted potential buyer profile.

After, we carried out thorough audience research with Facebook’s Audience Insights tool and other resources.

We then received ad creatives and tailored them for responsiveness on the Facebook channels.

Also, we created the audience and narrowed it down with behaviors and other interests.’

Our first conversion objective for Zazza was “Add to Cart”. The main reason why we went for Add to Carts first was to gain enough data to use for retargeting and lookalike audiences.

The Add to Cart campaign ran for 14 days and we generated 110 Add to Carts at the cost of $1.1 per Add to Cart.

After, we made a custom audience for retargeting as well as a lookalike audience.

Our remarketing campaign brought in sales despite the competitiveness in the fashion niche.

Zazza continued using Badrostechies and we kept on generating sales. At some point, the audience was exhausted and we made another campaign for Add to Carts campaign with different sets of products.

Also, we repeated the process and created a new set of custom audiences and lookalike audiences. Then, we run the campaign again for purchases and we got sales as well.

We got a good amount of sales for Zazza at a lesser average cost per sale despite the competitiveness of the Fashion Niche.

We continued work with Zazza for a few more months and we still remain the best Internet Marketing Services Company.

Our Marketing Strategy of Gathering Data, Retargeting with Custom and Lookalike audiences always work. It worked with Zazza. co’s Business and it can work for yours.

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