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Sara Beauty Group is a Beauty Supplier that supplies private label cosmetics. Sara boasts of a low MOQ and Fast Delivery among their other top features.

Located in Hong Kong, Sara’s head reached out to Badrostechies for an Improvement of their patronage.

Basically, what Sara needed was to get more interested people in private label cosmetics to contact them.

Badrostechies listened and understood Sara Beauty Group’s request.

The business already had a messaging campaign running but the cost per message was extremely high and the results weren’t targeted.

Badrostechies then proposed a plan to make a split test between a lead generation and a messaging campaign. Our plan was approved and we let both campaigns run for 3 days.

In 3 days, we generated 29 leads and 35 messages, the cost per lead being $0.17 and the cost per message being $0.2.

The results from the messaging campaign were more targeted and we let the messaging campaign keep running.

The cost per message at the time of writing this piece is $0.55.

Also, the campaign has been modified even to get more results at a lesser cost and Sara Beauty Group’s head has left the ad running since we made it.

Campaign Creation

We kickstarted the messaging and Lead campaign by creating a buyer profile.

Moving further, we made use of Facebook’s audience insight tool to find our potential customers.

Also, we narrowed the audience with behaviors and other interests.

In addition, we received and scrutinized the ad creatives for the best results. Then, we created the campaign with split tests and scaled it as it ran.

In total, as of the publish date of this piece, Sara Beauty Group has generated 813 messages, the cost per message being $0.55, making the total ad spend to be $447.

Also, Sara’s CEO has said the campaign is highly converting and recommends Badrostechies as the best Internet Marketing Services Company.

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