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Sodgreen is a Company in the United States that specializes in Artificial Turf Installation. Owned and Managed by Roberto.

Roberto reached out to Badrostechies to complain about previous results with so-called Facebook ads experts. He explained that the leads generated were not targeted and the cost per lead was very high.

Badrostechies carefully listened to Roberto’s request and came up with a strategy.

Campaign Creation

Firstly, we made a potential buyer profile. After, we carried out targeted audience research with Facebook’s Audience Insight tool and other resources.

In addition, we narrowed the audience with behaviors and other interests.

Also, we gathered the ad creatives and made them campaign-ready. We also modified the existing on-Facebook lead form.

Our first campaign ran for about 7 days and we gathered 8 leads, the cost per lead being $21.

The cost per lead seems a bit high but isn’t. The reason for the increased cost per lead is the extremely narrow interests we targeted. We focused on cities in Texas and there weren’t many people reached with the campaign.

However, the results were exceptional. The leads were highly targeted and nice conversions were made on those targeted leads.

As of the publish date of this post, we currently are at 45 leads with the cost per lead being $18.22.

The campaign has a total reach of 31k and an Impression of 54k. With an ad frequency of 1.75, the campaign was shown to an estimated population of 17k.

These leads are targeted, yielding good results that Roberto chose to keep the campaign running.

We are glad to have provided Roberto with the solution he needs; targeted leads with a good conversion rate.

Also, we believe Roberto would work with us for further advertisements and lead generation.

Also, with these fascinating results and low cost per lead, Roberto and Sodgreen recommend Badrostechies as the Best Internet Marketing Services Company.

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