prestige empire realty

Prestige Empire Realty is owned by Yaima Lamela, a real estate broker.

Yaima trusted Badrostechies to handle her Facebook marketing for Lead Generation and it was a massive success.

We made thorough audience research with Facebook’s own tool to find potential buying customers.

Also, Badrostechies’s work with Prestige Empire Realty was is a long-term job as she still trusts us with her Social Media Marketing.

We have helped Prestige Empire Realty Generate over 3000 Leads using Facebook Ads.

These leads were submitted on the On-facebook lead form and a landing page on Calendly.

To break it down, Badrostechies listened and Understood the need for Prestige Empire Realty to generate more leads.

We then came up with a strategy to get the leads coming in. Our execution started with the creation of a potential customer profile.

After, we made a research of the age range that is most likely to be our customers.

Moving further, we made thorough audience research with Facebook’s Audience Insights. After, we narrowed the broad audience with behaviors and other interests.

After, we received and scrutinized the ad creatives for the best results.

Moving on, we began with the creation of the campaign with the well-organized data. Also, we designed the on-Facebook lead form to Yaima’s taste.

Moving further, we created the campaign with different adsets and ad creatives in Split tests to find out the one that best performs.

After, we selected the best adsets and scaled them.

The results of our work with Prestige Empire Realty were and are still very fantastic. Badrostechies is Yaima’s go-to Internet Marketing Services Company for her Lead Generation.

To wrap it up, we maintained a cost per lead of below $5 for over 3000 quality leads.

These results are jawdropping and this is why Yaima Lamela highly recommends Badrostechies for Internet Marketing Services.

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