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Eeefyshop is an Online Fashion store that sells varieties of Men’s and Women’s fashion products.

Badrostechies was trusted to handle Eeefyshop’s Search Engine Optimization work. We worked on the On-page and Off-page Search Engine Optimization.

Before, while we used the Ubbersuggest Tool, the alt tags on all the images on the store were missing, Badrostechies got it filled with keywords with good search volume.

Also, we detected a low page speed score for Eeefyshop and we did great work with the improvement. Page Speed is a crucial SEO factor that affects website rankings.

In addition, we made sure to improve internal linking for Eeefyshop to improve each page’s Authority.

Furthermore, we researched low competitive keywords with good search volume and replaced the Meta Title and Description with well-researched keywords.

Also, the URL of the products on Eeefyshop wasn’t SEO friendly, we then made improvements and redirected the old URLs to the new ones.

Badrostechies took on Eeefyshop’s SEO work on the 11th of November, 2021 while it had:

  • A Domain Authority of 3.
  • Page Authority of 3.
  • Trust flow score of 0.
  • Trust Metric score of 0.
  • Citation Flow Score of 10.
  • 2 External Backlinks.
  • 1 Referring Domain
  • A “Very Weak” PR Quality.

After, within two months of our work, Eeefyshop now has:

  • Domain Authority of 14.
  • Page Authority of 8.
  • Trust Flow score of 14.
  • Trust Metric score of 14.
  • Citation Flow score of 40.
  • 37k External Backlinks.
  • 418 Referring Domains.
  • A “Moderate” PR Quality.

This is a huge increment in the website’s SEO strength.

Search Ranking

In addition, we have achieved an Improvement in Eeefyshop’s ranking on google.

Eeefyshop has gotten over 40 clicks from Search Engine within the Last 3 months. Also, Eeefyshop has experienced a 100% improvement in CTR.

In addition, Eeefyshop has experienced an improvement in search engine rankings. It has moved up to an average position of 47 from 109.

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