Badrostechies’s Google Ads Services helps improve your traffic, conversions, leads and guarantees exponential growth in your present results.

Our strategy is simple, we pay attention to details about your present results and already implemented strategy.

After, we make a detailed potential buyer profile and conduct targeted audience research.

We then come up with the strategy that best fits your business model and implement it after approval.

This strategy is simple, yet very effective. We have implemented this same strategy in many of our client’s businesses and the results were exceptional.

Our Google Ads Service includes and is not limited to :

Display Ads

We create and manage Google Display Ads with laser-targeted audiences to improve your conversion up to 10X the current results.

Search Ads

Also, we make targeted search ads, this process begins with proper SEO Keyword Research and we make it even more effective by creating the best ad text.

Shopping Ads

We also create and manage high-performing Google Shopping Ads for your E-commerce stores for a maximized result and improved revenue.

Our Google Ads strategy is similar to our Facebook Banner Ads Strategy. We take notes of your present results and already implemented strategy.

After, we create a detailed potential customer profile and carry out targeted SEO keyword research.

After this, we then come up with a strategy and implement it after approval.

As the campaign runs, we then carry out split tests, optimization, and scale for better results.

We have the experience, proven past records, happy clients, and testimonials to show that we render the best Google Ads Service.

Also, these experiences, happy clients, and testimonials make Badrostechies the most recommended Digital Marketing and SEO Company in Nigeria.

We will be happy to further explain, clear your doubts and answer your questions about this service of ours.

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