How to Add Location to Facebook Page

This is the best and only guide you need to learn how to add a location to your Facebook page. Also, this article further talks about how to optimize your page for the best results.

For quick and easy access to information, we will discuss how to add a location to your Facebook page first and then discuss how to optimize your page as we continue.

How to Add Location to your Facebook Page

To add Location to your Facebook page, you need to have admin access to the Facebook page. To learn how to grant Admin access to a user on Facebook, Kindly read this guide.

Now that you have admin access to the Facebook Page, we can begin to learn the steps to adding Location to a page.

Adding a Location to your Facebook Page makes it easier for your page to appear in search results if it is searched in that specific location. Asides from this benefit, it also helps with the domination of your Niche in that specific Location.

In addition, when you add a Location to your page, you are most likely to outrank other pages without a specific Location on their page. Your Page comes out as the most relevant because of the location feature.

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To Add a Location to your Facebook Page, follow the steps below.

Kindly note: It is best to do this on a Desktop or a Laptop.

  • Login to your Facebook Account: You must be logged in to your Facebook account to add a location to your page.
  • Navigate to your Page: Go to Menu and find the page that you’ll like to add a location to.
  • Navigate to Page Info: Once you find your way to the “Page Info” tab, you’ll find these fields: Name, Username, Description ,Categories, Contact and then Location.
  • Fill Out your Location: The location section is where you enter your location details. You are to fill out the Address, City and Zip Code.

Congratulations, you have successfully added a Location to your Facebook Page.

Now that we’ve learned how to add a location to our Facebook Page, let’s proceed to discuss how to Optimize your Facebook Page for Best results.

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How to Optimize a Facebook Page

Optimization is necessary for your Facebook Page as it improves your overall visibility.

Fortunately, this section talks about how to best optimize your Facebook Page and gradually increase the visibility of your Facebook Page.


Follow these steps to Properly optimize your Facebook Page.

  • Choose Correct Page Category: For best results, you need to select the category that bests fits your business. A Category that is not related to your Niche would be a bad optimization for your Facebook Page.
  • Add a Profile Picture and Cover Photo: Adding a Profile picture and cover image that fits & speaks about your business is an essential optimization that needs to be done for your Facebook Page.
  • Fill Out Detailed Description: When filling out your Page Description, be sure to be as concise as clear as possible. Also, you can make sure to include popular keywords in the description as it can improve your visibility.
  • Select a Good Username: Your Page’s username must be closely related to your title. The username is contained in the Link to your page. So, people tend to just type in Facebook’s URL followed by your page title.
  • Add Contact Information: Adding Contact Information on your page is a crucial step for optimization. This gives you the opportunity to be reached by your Potential Customers. Also, it makes your business appear to be more authentic.
  • Add a Location: For proper optimization, it is one of the best practices to Add a Location to your Facebook Page. Adding a Location makes you appear higher in results for searches in your business area. Also, this in turn boosts your visibility.
  • Add Business Hours: Adding Business Hours to your Facebook Page makes your hours of Operation clear to your customers.

These are basic optimization that needs to be done for your Facebook Page to Improve its visibility.

The next section talks about even more things that can be done to further optimize your Facebook Page.

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Advanced Facebook Page Optimization Steps

These optimization tips would even improve your visibility even more.

  • Select a Good Template: Template selection can be done from the Template and Tabs section, choose one that best fits your business and select your preferred tabs.
  • Choose a Page CTA: There are different Call-to-actions that you can choose from. Make a selection of the one that best suits your business.
  • Enable Reviews: Reviews are a good way for potential customers to see what other customers have said about you. This can be a factor that will influence the decision of a potential customer.
  • Update your Page Regularly: Now that you’ve done all other optimization, you have to engage your audience by creating posts regularly. Make sure to share something from time to time to keep your audience engaged.

After you’ve followed this guide and done all this Optimization work on your Facebook Page, there surely would be an Improvement in your Page’s visibility and Engagement.

Summary of How to Add Location to Facebook Page

We hope this article has helped you to learn How to Add a Location to your Facebook Page. If you follow the steps carefully, you would not encounter any issues while you try to add a location to your Facebook Page.

Also, we shared Page Optimization Tips to Improve Visibility and Engagement on your Facebook Page.

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