Add New Admin to Facebook Page

This article is the guide you need on how to add a new admin to a Facebook page. We’ll discuss Facebook Pages in detail in this article as well.

For Quick Access to the Information, we will start by explaining the steps needed to add a new admin to a Facebook page.

Steps to Add a New Admin to Facebook Page

  • Login to Your Facebook Account: Sign in to Facebook with the details of the account which is an admin on the page.
  • Navigate to the Page: Go to the Pages section and find the page that you want to add a new admin to.
  • Navigate to Settings: Once you get to the Page Settings, the Page Roles tab will be visible.
  • Select Page Roles: Click on Page Roles, Input the Name of the User you want to make an admin, select the role and click on Add.

It will then prompt you to enter your password for security reasons, enter it and add the User.

Now that we’ve learned how to add a new admin to a Facebook Page, let’s talk a little about a Facebook Page itself.

What is a Facebook Page?

This is the first question we’ll be answering in this article on How to Add a New Admin to Facebook Page.

A Facebook Page is more than a feature on Facebook where business owners, brands, organizations, and even celebrities can connect with their customers.

A customer/ fan can like as well as follow a Facebook page and he or she gets to see updates from the page on his or her newsfeed.

In addition, a Facebook page is essential to businesses and brands as it helps them engage with their customers.

Also, Facebook Pages are used to run Facebook Banner Ads for Businesses and Brands.

How to Create a Facebook Page

Now that we’ve learned what a Facebook Page is, it is time to learn how to create one. A Facebook Page can easily be created and we’ll walk you through the steps in this article.

However, it is essential to be a registered Facebook user to create a Facebook Page. Below is a List of Steps to create a Facebook Page.


  • Login to your account: You must be logged in to create a Facebook Page.
  • Navigate to Menu: If you are on a desktop or a laptop, the menu can be found at the top right. If you are using the app, there’s a tab for pages if you have existing pages, if not you navigate to the menu and hit create a page.
  • Fill Out Page Information: You will be required to fill out your page information such as the name, description, and category. Fill it accordingly and proceed to its creation.

That’s it, also make sure to be as detailed as possible for a properly optimized page.

Summary of How to Add a New Admin to Facebook Page

This article has explained in detail how to add a new admin to a Facebook Page, it also explained what a Facebook page is and how to create one. Thanks for reading this far and if you have any questions, kindly use the comment box or contact us.

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