Badrostechies offer professional search engine optimization services to improve your ranking and increase your traffic.

Before we proceed to discuss how our professional search engine optimization service will help you, let’s introduce you to the term “Search Engine Optimization”.

To begin with, Search Engine Optimization is simply making your website properly structured for search engines.

All search engines have robots that crawl websites to determine what the content on a website is all about.

Therefore, Search Engine Optimization makes your website a good fit for search engines. It makes sure your website is properly optimized for keywords you want to rank for.

To rank higher on Search Engines, there’s a need for Onpage and Offpage Search Engine Optimization.

Onpage SEO includes:

  • Website Title and Meta Description Optimization.
  • Alt texts Optimization.
  • Pagespeed Improvement and many more.

Offpage SEO mainly involves Link Building.

How Our Professional Search Engine Optimization Service helps your Business

To start with, we render our Search Engine Optimization service in steps. We begin with a Website Audit.

Website Audit tells us the current state of your website and the Improvements needed to be made.

After, we conduct Keyword Research. This Keyword Research helps us find keywords that are less competitive and have good search volumes. These keywords are very easy to rank for and you’ll easily appear on the top spot of searches for those keywords.

Furthermore, Search Engine Optimization Content Writing comes after Keyword Research. In this phase, we tailor your title and descriptions to match the researched keywords for a boost in ranking.

Lastly, Link Building comes in. This is the last phase and the Offpage part of SEO, this is where we get you backlinks from high Domain Authority and Page Authority websites.

Our SEO Service helps up to rank higher on Search Engines for Keywords that are related to your niche and that people are searching for. Once we help you claim the top spots on Search Engine, Free Traffic flows in and your customer base increases exponentially.

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