Search Engine Optimization Strategy

This article exposes the best search engine optimization strategy and secrets you didn’t know about Search Engine Optimization.

Also, we took all other Search Optimization Strategies into consideration and the best was chosen after series of experiments.

To begin with, we will discuss the best Search Engine Optimization Strategy and then further share few secrets about SEO you didn’t know.

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Best Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Everything in Business Growth needs proper planning. The need for proper planning gave rise to coming up with strategies.

Over the years and after series of experiments, we have reached the conclusion that the best approach to Search Engine Optimization is to begin with a Website Audit.

Website Audit is an Essential and the fundamental part of Search Engine Optimization. An Audit is a scan through on your entire website that gives you a score of your Performance SEO-wise. Also, the audit lets you know what to fix to improve your Performance Score.

Some of these audits even tells you the severity of Search Engine Optimization Issues found on your website.

Below are some of the Useful and Free Website Audit tools:


SEO Site Checkup

These tools do not even need signups, you just input your website URL and get your SEO Performance Score.

After you’ve checked your Performance score, it is time to fix the common SEO issues most websites face.

Search Engine Optimization is grouped into Offpage and Onpage Optimization, the common SEO issues fall into one of these categories.

Before we talk about Onpage and Offpage SEO, it is best to first talk about Keyword Research. We need to know what keywords we’re trying to rank for before we begin to optimize for them.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is very essential as it basically what provides us with the keywords we’re looking to rank for. Also, it can help us identify the competitiveness and volume of each Keywords.

We will talk about Onpage SEO Optimization in the next section. The practices fix the common SEO Issues and will improve your ranking and traffic.

This can be done with Google’s Own tool, Keyword Planner. Also, there are other companies that have tools for Keyword Research. The three main ones being Semrush, Ahref and Moz.

Moving on, to easily rank on Google, we need to research keywords with low competition and good search volumes. You can use the tools above for Keyword Research or Hire Badrostechies .

These Low competition and high search volume keywords are what we will optimize our website for to rank easily and constitutes to a good search engine optimization strategy.

Now that we’ve learned the Need for Keyword Research, we will discuss Onpage Search Engine Optimization in the next section.

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Onpage Search Engine Optimization

Onpage Search Engine Optimization simply means making the webpages on your website optimized for keywords to improve your ranking and visibility.

However, Onpage SEO is not limited to optimization for keywords, it also involves providing the best experience for your website users.

The Best User Experience Practices include:

  • Improving your Pages Load time.
  • Using readable fonts.
  • Providing clear Navigation.

Next, we will talk about SEO Title and Description

SEO Title and Description

Moving on, we can start our Onpage SEO by Optimizing the SEO Title and SEO Description of our website. Your website’s homepage should your already researched keywords.

The appearance of your researched keyword in the title and description helps your website to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages.

Also, Website’s SEO Title and Description can easily be updated with Yoast SEO for WordPress Users and using Meta Tags for Scripted Websites.

Similarly, for every post on your website, the already researched keyword should appear in the SEO Title and Description. Preferably, it should appear first in the title before adding other words.

However, it is best to maintain a title length of between 60-65 characters and a description length of about 155 characters.

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Images Alt Text

Images used on your website or in your blog posts should contain the researched keyword as the ALT text. ALT text simply refers to Alternative Text and it is what displays when an Image fails to load.

In addition, it would be a good search engine optimization strategy to make sure that all your Images contain ALT Texts as it would boost your SEO Score.

Keyword Density

This term is used the number of times your researched keyword appears in a post or on a page. It is best to maintain a Keyword Density of 1-2% as this prevents Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword Stuffing refers to the act of repeating keywords in a meaningless manner in order to manipulate search engine rankings.

When your Keywords appear multiple number of times, it signals to search engine robots that the keyword is what your post is all about.

However, to make sure your Keyword can appear as many times as possible, you should work on your Article Length as it allows your keyword to appear more while you maintain a ratio of 1-2%.

Also, good adherence to the Ideal Keyword Density is a good Search Engine Optimization Strategy and helps boost your rankings.

Article Length

Search Engine Crawl Bots see thin contents as less SEO optimized. This shows that a Meaningful and Lengthy article can improve organic ranking.

Low word count is a big and common SEO issue. Asides from the content being not informational enough, your keyword will not appear a good number of times without stuffing.

Article Length of 300 or more is recommended and would improve your SEO Score as well as Improve your Rankings.

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Keyword in URL

A good Search Engine Optimization Strategy also involves making sure that your researched keyword appear in your post URL.

This is important because it tells Search Engines that your content is about the Keyword.

However, it is important to make sure that the URL is not too long.

Linking to other posts and pages on your website also make up a good search engine optimization strategy. Internal Linking connects all your web pages and allows Page Authority to flow across each connected pages.

We will discuss Page and Domain Authority in the Offpage SEO section.

Keywords in Headings

A properly structured article contains headings. These headings should therefore contain your keywords.

Keywords in Headings also makes up a good Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

However, ensure to avoid stuffing, do not include your keyword in all your headings.

Outbound Links are simply links to other website that already talked about the Keyword you’re trying to rank for.

It also makes up a good Search Engine Optimization Strategy to include link to other websites in your post.

However, it is important to stay clear of linking to the website with the anchor text containing the keyword you want to rank for. Anchor Text is the visible text or characters that holds the link to the other website.

This concludes the Onpage part of Search Engine Optimization. If you follow all of the guides above correctly, your website will experience an improved ranking and traffic.

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Offpage Search Engine Optimization

Offpage Search Engine Optimization is the optimization you do for your website off your webpages. This simply means that you don’t have to do anything on your webpages for this optimization.

Offpage SEO involves Quality Link Building. Getting High Quality Links from High Domain and Page Authority websites signals to Search Engine that your Content is relevant and useful.

Also, getting Links from High Domain and Page Authority Websites also Boost your Website’s Domain and Page Authority.

Domain Authority is the search engine rating score that shows how likely a website is to rank on search engine result pages.

Similarly, Page Authority is a search engine rating score that shows how likely a specific page on a website is to rank on search engine result pages.

Both Authorities also shows the relevance of the website or page for the specific niche or subject.

In addition, the Higher the Page and Domain Authority, the higher the chance of an Improved ranking.

Getting Quality links from quality website is a good search engine optimization strategy and would improve the ranking as well as the visibility of your website.

This concludes the discussion about Offpage Search Engine Optimization. We will wrap this post up with a recap of what we’ve discussed so far.

Final Notes on the Best Search Engine Optimization Strategy

We have explained the best search engine optimization strategy in this post. In addition, we have shared the best Search Engine Optimization tips to help you rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages.

If you found this post useful, kindly let us know in the comment section and share the post with your friends.

Also, these steps are quite numerous and would require some effort to get it going. If you would like to get the best results with Search Engine Optimization, you can talk to us about our Search Engine Optimization Service and we will do all the heavy-lifting.

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