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I very much appreciate the willingness to help me understand things I am not familiar with. I’ve never done a Facebook ad and the process felt overwhelming. Not only responsive but able to provide information with clarity and enough detail for me to feel more comfortable.

Lisa Medley
Lisa Medley
ICF Certified Executive and Leadership Coach, LisaMedleyEC

First off, Congratulations on the successful launch of your business. It’s time to get your website to rank on Search Engine and increase the number of your organic visits & customers.

Our Professional Search Engine Optimization Service helps your Business/Website Generate Tons of Organic Visits by the use of our White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

Search Engine Optimization is categorized into two; 

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization 
  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization
On-Page SEO is the optimization done on your website itself to improve its ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The latter, Off-Page SEO is the optimization done off your website, to improve its ranking on Search Engine Result Pages. Off-Page SEO mainly involves Link Building.
We have taken the time to master these optimization techniques and we guarantee Improved Website Ranking on SERPs.

To begin with, we carry out an audit on your website to find out the current SEO issues, Terms you’re showing in search result for and opportunities for Improvement. We then carry out On-page Optimization to fix current issues.

After fixing webpage problems, we carry out Keyword Research, this stage involves the use of Google Keyword Planner tool & other resources to discover topics with low competition and a high search volume. This activity helps us find related topics that you can easily rank for.

Next, we create search-engine-optimized content based on these easy-to-rank-for keywords.

Lastly, we build high-quality links to new and existing posts on your website to improve its authority & ranking.

Note: Improvement in Website Ranking may take a while because Search Engines take their time to crawl websites over time and decide ranking factors. If you’re looking to get quick and paid traffic, you can check out Our Facebook Banner Ads Service or Google Ads Service.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

SEO Results can take a while to show as google takes its time to Crawl webpages and rank them. Turn around time is within 2 weeks to 6 months.

However, you will notice improved results within the first month of our work


Yes, the service fee is a onetime fee. However, if you want us to constantly monitor your SEO and apply improvements to new and existing pages, we can work out a contract.

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