Social Media Marketing

Brief Introduction to Social Media Marketing

This section introduces us to what Social Media Marketing is, and further talks about its benefit for businesses and brands.

The cliché: “The most constant thing in life is change”, is definitely not an exaggeration or false one. We have experienced its validity over the course of time and in every stratum of our lives.

The wind of change is a very powerful force and it has definitely blown on how we conduct business, specifically in the area of marketing.

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The way businesses market their brands, products and services has changed drastically with the advent of social media.

Social media marketing involves the strategic use of social media and social network platforms to reach existing and potential (new) audiences to achieve increased sales and promotion of the brand.

In addition, Social media marketing is very important for small and big companies. They can reach their audience through content in form of text, images, audio, and videos.

Furthermore, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube Snapchat, and Tik-Tok, are the major platforms with millions of active users.

Also, the rise in the improved technology of smartphones, laptops, and other mobile technology-related devices, has further placed more pressure on companies to utilize social media marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The benefits of social media marketing are numerous and cannot be over-emphasized. Social media platforms have been able to yield better marketing results, even in a shorter time period.

According to a survey carried out by Pew Research Center in September 2014, 71 percent of adults with internet access have at least one social media account.

In addition, an average American spends 2-7 hours per day on social media while the internet itself is estimated to accommodate over 2.7 billion people per day.

Social media marketing, promotion, and the creation of brand awareness will spread to a large pool of audiences. This brings about an increase in the chances of sales which is the major goal of any business.

It is interesting to know that, this is available for big and small businesses at little or no cost. The power of social media can be wielded to reach out beyond the shores where the business is located. This exposure is necessary and very vital for the growth of businesses.

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More Benefits

Every Business needs to make an improvement in the product and service offered.

This improvement can be made from the analysis of information derived from customers’ feedback, reviews, complaint, and complimentary messages.

Also, Social media marketing makes it easy for customers to reach out with their feedback and other information.

A foundation of a healthy relationship is laid down between the customer and the business owners which would foster growth.
The online presence of a business in this era indicates to the customers that the business is active and accessible to them. This will create a sense of trust and validation of the authenticity of the business.

Customers’ habits and trends change from time to time.

Businesses can use social media platforms as a tool for keeping track of such changes. Also, it allows businesses to identify how to use such changes to achieve their major goals and objectives.

The activity of market research will give the owners a clear perspective on what to be committed to in order to maximize their operations.

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Even More Benefits

It is also no news that, compared to conventional or previous marketing channels, social media opens a business to high traffic.

The business is visible both locally and globally. 54% of B2B marketers say they have generated leads from social media.

The world of social commerce is growing daily and an increase in sales leads to conversion, translates to huge profits. The social commerce revenue is estimated to be worth $30 billion.

Hence, the revenue in this area can be mined by the strategic use of social media marketing.

Customers are the reason a business exists in the first place. Therefore, engaging in social media marketing will help to build credibility and make the brand innovative and interactive.

The benefits attached to social media marketing are so enormous, hence, businesses must strive to maximize those benefits.

Types of Social Media Marketing

Now that we’ve gone through why social media marketing is very vital for every business. We will discuss the types of Marketing and how we come in to help you achieve growth with it.

Facebook Banner Ads

Facebook is a major platform for social media marketing, it allows businesses and brands to promote their products/services through interest targeting to potential buyers.

What we do with our Facebook Banner Ads Service is to help you find the targeted audience that you need to sell your product/service. We create and manage laser-targeted campaigns and get your ads shown only to potential buyers.

Similarly, Google is another major platform for Business Promotion. Google Ads allow you to create search ads, display ads among many others, to push your products/services in the eyes of potential customers.

Also, with our Google Ads Service, we create highly targeted campaigns that guarantee that your campaigns only show to potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Unlike the two forms of marketing discussed above, Search Engine Optimization isn’t a paid promotion. A good search engine optimization strategy involves optimizing your website to rank for keywords related to your business. This helps improve your ranking on search engines, improves your visibility, and increases your customers.

With Our Search Engine Optimization Service, we implement the best SEO Strategy that guarantees organic ranking and improved visibility for your website. This in turn increases your customer base.

Content Marketing

As the name implies, it involves the use of strategically written content for marketing. This medium of marketing involves the use of Search Engine Optimization.

This is because, with our Content Marketing Service, we begin by carrying out keyword research to find what people are looking for.

After, we create optimized content around the keyword, optimize your website and build links for the content. This improves the ranking of that content above competitors thereby bringing about improved visibility.

Final Notes on Why you should use Social Media Marketing for your Business

Now that we’ve learned about what Social Media Marketing is and how it can help our businesses, it is time to reach out to an expert.

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