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Yaima Lamela, the owner of Prestige Empire Realty reached out to Badrostechies for Lead Generation.

We were briefed about the current campaign situation. We took note of what the business needed.

After, we carried out our audience research, created a potential buyer profile, got the targeting details, got creatives ready and we swung into action.

The results at the end of the campaign were fantastic. This led to a good relationship between Badrostechies and Prestige Empire Realty.

We’ve worked together many times after then.


The Challenges that Prestige Empire Realty was facing at that time were the issues of insufficient leads and a high cost per lead.

  • Increase Number of Leads:
    With Digital Marketing Professionals on our team and our experience with audience research, we were able to get the target audience needed for the business’s growth. 
  • Reduced Cost Per Lead:
    Since we got the audience right, we would no longer waste ad budget as the campaigns will only reach an interested audience.
  • Increased Conversions:
    As the number of quality leads increased, the number of people who’ll end up buying a property from Prestige Empire Realty Increased.


We began by carrying out targeted audience research and created a perfect buyer profile for potential clients.

After, we got the creatives ready, the preferred target locations and we began with the campaign creation.

The campaign launched, while we made a split test at the Adset Level. After a while, we picked the winning Adset and let it run for a longer time.


While we worked with Prestige Empire Realty, we generated over 3,000 leads and kept the average cost per lead below $5.

By the numbers, Our Digital Marketing Service:

  • Increased the Number of Leads by 80%
  • Reduced the Cost per Lead by 40%
  • Increased Conversions by 35%
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I very much appreciate the willingness to help me understand things I am not familiar with. I’ve never done a Facebook ad and the process felt overwhelming. Not only responsive but able to provide information with clarity and enough detail for me to feel more comfortable.

Lisa Medley
Lisa Medley
ICF Certified Executive and Leadership Coach, LisaMedleyEC

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