Lead Generation for Sodgreen Artificial Grass

Lead Generation for Sodgreen Artificial Turf

About the Business

Sod Green provides the best and most reliable sod & synthetic turf installation services. We can get low-cost turf planted in your garden. Get in touch with us! We are experts in the fields of sod installation, artificial turf installation, putting greens, residential and commercial landscape design, flagstone installation and landscaping.

Website : https://www.sodgreen.com

How Badrostechies Helped

We took a look at Sodgreen’s former campaign, analyzed it, and stopped the campaign. After, we then began with audience and keyword research. We created a buyer profile to represent our potential customers.

After we handled the creatives and organized them, we then created a campaign while split testing at the Adset level. After 3 days, we picked the winning Adset and let the campaign run for a longer time.

The campaign got a good amount of leads and we were able to keep the cost per lead below $16.

Till today, we still work with Sodgreen to create and manage campaigns.