Messaging Campaign for Sara Beauty Group

Sara Beauty Group is a Private Label Cosmetics Company that supplies make up kits to Small Business Owners.


Sara had a campaign running but was generating very little messages at a high cost per message rate. The campaign wasn’t performing well and she needed us to audit the campaign and make it better.

  • Improve Messages and Conversions:
    Sara wanted help to improve her companies’ Messages and Overall Conversions.
  • Reach Targeted Audience:
    Also, she needed us to reach the right audience to improve her conversions and achieve a good Return on Investment.
  • Scale and Reduce her Cost Per Message
    In addition to reaching the targeted audience and improving messages and conversions, Sara needed us to scale her campaigns and reduce her cost per messages to improve overall profits.


We carried out an Audit on her running campaigns. We then stopped the campaign.

After, we carried out audience research and created a buyer profile. After the whole audience research process, we created the campaign and carried a split test at the Adset level.

The split test lasted for 3 days, we picked a winning Adset and let it run for longer.


We achieved a great result from day one. We were able to keep the cost per messages below $0.7. 60% of those clients that sent messages converted

By the numbers, our services:

  • Increased Conversion by 60%
  • Reduced the Cost Per Message by 55%
  • Received over 1,200 Messages