Search Engine Optimization for Entstoday

Entstoday is a Job Posting Website. Formerly an entertainment website, Badrostechies began work on Entstoday in November 2021. We handled the Keyword Research, Link Building, Content Writing, and Marketing.

  • Keyword Research:
    We made use of Google’s own keyword planner tool and other resources to research low-competition and high search volume keywords for Entstoday. 
  • Content Writing:
    After generating these well-researched keywords, our writing team began work and created SEO Optimized content around these keywords. This brought about an improvement in Entstoday’s Organic Traffic. 
  • Link Building:
    To achieve improved ranking on Search Engine Result Pages, the website has to have other links pointing to its contents. We built high-quality backlinks for Entstoday. These links exponentially increased Entstoday’s Page and Domain Authority. 
  • Marketing:
    Before and after the organic Traffic started coming in, Entstoday wanted traffic from different sources. So, we handled Facebook and Google Ads to drive in more traffic with paid advertisements.

SEO Solution

We carried out Long tail keyword research, for high search volume and low competition keywords.

After, we created SEO Optimized content around these researched keywords.

Lastly, we built high-quality backlinks to the content and the website’s root domain. Also, we improved the social signals and achieved improved ranking on Search Engine Result Pages.

Digital Marketing Solution

We grew the Business Page’s followership by running Facebook Ads for Page Likes. This Increased the number of followers as well as the Engagement from the Page.

Also, we created different traffic campaigns, each pointing to the links we want improved traffic on. These Traffic campaigns increased the number of viewers as well as increased revenue.

Also, we were able to keep the cost per click below $0.05 and the traffic campaigns also aided Search Engine Rankings.

By the numbers, our digital marketing service:

  • Increased Page Engagement by 100%
  • Decreased Cost per click by 80%
  • Improved Revenue by 80%
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking by 30%
  • Improved Website’s visibility by 100%
  • Increased Followers by 100%